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Where is lychee tour?
Lychee tour Founded in 2016, it is a professional travel service company specializing in customerizing tourism services in Argentina and Latin America. It is headquartered in the capital city of Buenos Aires in the capital of Buenos Aires, and has an office representative in Beijing, China.

what can we do?
As a travel agency based in Argentina, Lychee Tour has a wealth of overseas resources and a group of experienced travel consultants, meticulous and thoughtful in accordance with the guests expected tourist destination, tourism projects, accommodation and dining requirements, tailored personality. We have carefully arranged a variety of tourist projects, the excellent Chinese tour guide with intimate service and a wealth of knowledge for destinations. In addition, we are having very close cooperation with the star hotels, specialty restaurants, car dealers, insurance companies, cruise companies and winery in Argentina to ensure provision of wonderful tourist services.
At the same time, with mature and stable business network resources, Lychee Tour also focus on coordinating full range of customized service for entity delegation coming from china to Argentina for inspection, trade, exhibitions, training, tourism. meanwhile, lychee tour is also dedicated to plan ,organize and schedule for the strategic partners in Argentina a variety of business visits in China on cultural exchange activities, seeking business opportunity. a series of program have been developed to meet requirement of mutual interest for Argentina and Chinese to visit opposite country.

The rising new star in Latin tourism-lychee tour
Starting from the year of 2016, in order to attract chinese tourists, many latin American countries and Carribean nations such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica are eligible for visa-free access for chinese visitors. Argentina issues the conditional electronic visa against valid United State Visa, all these improvement make most unaccessible Latin American region travel paradise you can travel at any time. More and more Chinese people eager to travel to Latin America, huge demand of tourism is emerging. Under this environment, lychee tour was established with objective to provide exclusive service and unique experience to chinese passengers by using innovative South American travel platforms and products.

Energetic and promising Lychee Tour
We are new company, with fresh blood and vitality, the company's employees are all 80, 90 generation of the young people with previous working experience in large international companies, obtaining many years of experience in the international company's management, some of them were studying in Europe for many years of professional management of tourism, as well as several tour guides with Argentina local rich experience in tourism operations, employees are skilled in the use of Chinese, English and Spanish. Our employees have a deep understanding of the real needs of each travel or businessman abroad, hoping to bring every visitor through our warm and attentive service the enjoyment of the scenery, beauty and food in Latin American country as well feeling of being home in China.

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